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community bulderTechSoup is looking for a Community Builder. You don't really need experience on the high steel, but there are a number of other competencies that would come in extremely handy.

The Net² Community Builder will be focused on building and engaging a team of volunteers from within and outside of the Net² community and will ensure that TechSoup staff (100 of ‘em) have an opportunity to contribute to the event.

<!-- Uh... Billy... do you think we should tell the folks that "the event" = TechSoup NetSquared Conference and Gala? Or is figuring that out part of the "test"? btw, remind me to remove these comments. I always forget that part. -->

over the transom

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A pointer to an excellent article came through our aggregator yesterday. More about that in a minute. But first, If you're not sure what an aggregator is, please go here and see the sorts of things it picks up from around the net. It's very hungry, so feedings are always appreciated -- instructions are here and here (scroll down to "make the news"). To further assist you (we only live to serve), here's a picture.

What does Web 2.0 and 2.1 translate to?

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If Web 2.0 marks the transition from using the internet as a protocol to using it as a platform, what is 2.1?

  • One interesting comment I heard at the Web2Point1 conference was 2.0 was the development of the technological solution, and 2.1 was the development of the documentation and educational tools empowering individuals andorgs alike to use it.

2.0/2.1 seems to be about how you can leverage the net as a platform to enrich and enhance ‘real-time’ (for lack of a better word):

  • Services such as are leveraging the web as a platform to bring individuals who are close in location (blocks away from each other, visit the same bar regularly, etc..) together – organizing people looking to get out in real time and meet with people.

NetSquared: Doing rather than thinking about doing

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Love Compumentor, their people and the whole basic idea behind NetSquared.

 And would like to pose a challenge: conferences and "Gala events" are to often about thinking rather than doing. I challenge the folks in this community to spend the next 196 days doing. And spend the conference and gala celebrating what has been done.

 I wrote a paper a bit ago talking about Web 2.0 Collaboration for Nonprofits. The basic thesis is that Web 2.0 Collaboration is about "Moving to a culture where the first question is “how can others leverage what I’m doing” rather than “how can I protect myself from other leveraging what I am doing.”

social and cause marketing

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social marketing coverI've been meaning to write something here about social marketing and cause marketing (though related, they're really different animals). Then I remembered -- smacking my forehead as in the old V-8 ads -- that I wrote a fair bit on this subject in Gonzo Marketing. As it's now one of those Search Inside jobs on, you can pretty much read the whole chapter -- or at least the salient pages -- using the links below. The scanning leaves something to be desired, as many of the pages are skewed, but I think this should work. I hope it will work. Like so much else on Net² at the moment, it's an experiment. Let me know if you have trouble with any of this...

Web 2.0 and nonprofit communities

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Marnie tells me that one of her takeaways from last week's Web 2.0 conference was the definition of Web 2.0 software or sites or applications as tools that become more valuable the more people use them. If so there may be a natural congruence between the community/nonprofit sector and the Web 2.0 software world: nonprofits have a lot of experience with how to nurture communities, and in many cases have established the scale and breadth of relationships that could provide an instant user base for a Web 2.0 tool or community.

Bringing Wikimania to Boston

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Toronto and Boston are currently competing to play host to Wikimania 2006, which will be an international gathering of those involved in the Wikimedia Foundation's various projects.

Although I'm very much a novice in this world, having just begun to learn how to edit Wikipedia articles, I'm delighted by the possibility that a large numbers of wiki-oriented geeks from many countries will land in Massachusetts next summer to discuss online projects for making knowledge in the public interest more accessible. (Here's a sample of these projects:  Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikiquote, and Wikinews.)

Yesterday evening, I attended the local Wikipedia Meetup, convened by Sj, for a discussion of plans for Wikimania 2006.  The Berkman Center for Internet & Society has very generously offered facilities at Harvard Law School, and Sj is busy lining up all the other necessities

The Boston area's nonprofit technology community is becoming more cohesive than ever, and I'm hoping that we can welcome and  make common cause with the Wikimaniacs if they come here. There's so much talk about Web 2.0, in which we will take online tools to the next level.  Both the Wikimedia community and the nonprofit technology community are dedicated to collaboration in the service of noble causes, and therefore we would do well engage each other in dialogue about how Web 2.0 can help us achieve our goals.


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