My rabbit-ears beats your wiki?

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I was looking forward to the Bioneers session yesterday afternoon titled: Blogs, Wikis and Indies: Citizen Media and the Fate of Democracy. Finally, a place where we could dive deep into the churning waters where social justice meets web2.x!

 So, why was it the discussion kept circling back to television? While we certainly  touched on web2.x topics, the conversation largely revolved around the longer running skirmishes over non-web communication modes. Lots of talk about the FCC, media consolidation, television, print journalism, etc. There was relatively little discussion of the impact the blogosphere has had, or the potential that lies ahead. 

Bioneers Day 1 (and Greetings!)

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First off, a hearty hello to the NetSquared world! I'm Phil Ferrante-Roseberry, one of the folks who helps keep the good ship CompuMentor afloat and on-course. I'm looking forward to seeing where this grand experiment takes us all over the coming months (and hopefully seeing many of you in person in April!)

Right now, I'm back from Day 1 of the Bioneers Conference, my mind racing... and yet slow in that way that comes from too many big thoughts in one day.  Bioneers is one of THE hot events in enviromental activism (or any area of activism, I suspect) and I'm looking forward to soaking it in over the next couple days.

Notes from Web2.1 Conference

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OK, folks - this is my very first blog ever, anywhere...

Here are my raw impressions from the Web2.1 conference some of us attended on Friday afternoon:
My main goal was to listen and soak in the culture of Web2.X (2.0, 2.1, 2.2 etc).  Toward that end, I noted words, phrases and concepts that were repeated often and appear to be defining characteristics of Web 2.X.   Many of these reiterate what we’re hearing from people here inside CM/TS and are in our plans for site redesign.  Hearing them from a new round of voices gives them added weight in my mind and awareness of what we’re aiming for.
Here’s my list:

  • Sandbox
  • Creative Commons
  • Knowledge Conversation / Knowledge Café
  • Plant a seed rather than dictate an agenda
  • Do what you’re passionate about
  • It’s about play
  • Software enables people to do things *together* online (emphasis mine)
  • There’s a lot of interest in using technology to let people find events that will attract people like themselves (vs letting people find people like themselves on line and then leaving it to them to figure out a physical meeting place)
  • “Structured blog”
  • Search capabilities: some desire to look for info and have returned a spectrum of related ideas and material  -- not something that simply matches the words you already know to use in your search.  Searching to locate info vs searching to learn
  • Open API’s grew from hacker mentality
  • The web currently holds *islands of multimedia content that need to be connected*
  • Desire to connect to “my data” from anywhere vs desire to have single profile that can be used by multiple applications, with user control over what aspects of profile are available to what apps / vendors – see www.
  • Tools need to be simple and they need to be “right”
  • Overall motivation appeared to be what’s for the common good
  • Cultural norms: smart, not aggressive
  • “All tagging tools suck”, we need a better one
  • Blogs are both to get information out (to whomever’s reading) and to get info *in* (eg post-Katrina efforts)

Sites/Products that caught my interest:

are you a natural for this?

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community bulderTechSoup is looking for a Community Builder. You don't really need experience on the high steel, but there are a number of other competencies that would come in extremely handy.

The Net² Community Builder will be focused on building and engaging a team of volunteers from within and outside of the Net² community and will ensure that TechSoup staff (100 of ‘em) have an opportunity to contribute to the event.

<!-- Uh... Billy... do you think we should tell the folks that "the event" = TechSoup NetSquared Conference and Gala? Or is figuring that out part of the "test"? btw, remind me to remove these comments. I always forget that part. -->

over the transom

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A pointer to an excellent article came through our aggregator yesterday. More about that in a minute. But first, If you're not sure what an aggregator is, please go here and see the sorts of things it picks up from around the net. It's very hungry, so feedings are always appreciated -- instructions are here and here (scroll down to "make the news"). To further assist you (we only live to serve), here's a picture.

What does Web 2.0 and 2.1 translate to?

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If Web 2.0 marks the transition from using the internet as a protocol to using it as a platform, what is 2.1?

  • One interesting comment I heard at the Web2Point1 conference was 2.0 was the development of the technological solution, and 2.1 was the development of the documentation and educational tools empowering individuals andorgs alike to use it.

2.0/2.1 seems to be about how you can leverage the net as a platform to enrich and enhance ‘real-time’ (for lack of a better word):

  • Services such as are leveraging the web as a platform to bring individuals who are close in location (blocks away from each other, visit the same bar regularly, etc..) together – organizing people looking to get out in real time and meet with people.


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