Taking the conversation to the blogs

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So, here's how it happened.  Our own Jody Mahoney (that's her smiling face right there) emailed Doug Jacquier of CISA to ask him our four questions.  Doug blogged his thoughts which promted a nice conversation in the comments and also started David Wallace at lifekludger to contribute his ideas.  David writes: " is about making the platform more accessible to individuals and that thereby makes it more equitable. It is that change that makes the development of ‘community’ more possible." Mike Seyfang at learndogpup also has some thoughts. Mike says what's really new is that "there are significant changes in what people can PUBLISH and how they can SUBSCRIBE to pretty much anything."

Chocolate Bribes and Tools for Change

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I've been madly immersed in a project called dotOrganize -- a collaborative effort to get better tech/organizing tools and strategies into the hands of grassroots organizers, so they have the support needed to organize on- and offline. 

The first and MOST IMPORTANT phase of this project has been working with a group of 20 organizers to really understand their needs (our Requirements Working Group).  What’s clear from our initial research is that 90% of the people we're talking to are struggling.  They flat out don't have the tools and resources to support their work, and our goal is to change this.

Love those orange badges

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If you're waffling about whether or not to put our bee-u-ti-full NetSquared badges on your site or email signature, look how pretty they look on these blogs:
Emily's World
Have Fun * Do  Good (yes, this is my personal blog, but look how nice it looks next to the green)
HorsePigCow: life uncommon
Marshall Kirkpatrick
Social Source

If you put a badge up and I missed ya, let me know.

Net Tuesday Podcasts & SF Net Wednesday (?!)

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I missed posting yesterday 'cause of some computer problems so you get to hear from me twice

You can hear Myles Weisledder of and Jason Schultz of Electric Frontier Foundation speaking at last month's SF Net Tuesday here.  Big thanks to David Collin for recording the presentations and interviews.

Also, the next Net Tuesday will be on WEDNESDAY, February 15th from 6-8 PM at Varnish Art Gallery & Wine Bar (we didn't want to fight Cupid).  Speakers will be announced soon!

Network and Personal Blogging: An Interview with Trish Snyder

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Trish Snyder is the Relay for Life Mission Delivery Chair in Everett, Washington.  Her blog,, is a personal and independent continuation of the work she did as a volunteer in helping develop the American Cancer Society’s Blog Project.  Trish also blogs at the American Cancer Society's FISpace: A Journal About Innovation and Change.

Today performs an essential function of networking among blog writers and readers dealing with cancer.  It is an excellent place to find cancer related resources and information.  It is also a great example of what can be done with a personal blog focused on a particular set of issues.


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