NetSquared Online Events from April 23 to May 5: Serving Nonprofits Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The threat of COVID-19 and an uncertain future has nonprofits struggling. Your support of vulnerable groups — whether they are homeless shelters, minority support groups, educators, or community healthcare providers — is vital work. Let TechSoup help you with the tools and skills to support your communities.

Upcoming Events

Here are just some of the online conversations hosted by NetSquared community groups.

Resources for Nonprofits Impacted by COVID-19

In difficult times, the world turns to civil society for support. At TechSoup, we're committed to equipping your nonprofit with the technology resources you need to meet your mission, serve your community, and support your staff.

Discover how we can support your work with:

  • Tools to Support Remote Work
  • Policy Resources
  • Webinars and Workshops
  • Educational Blog Posts
  • Free Courses from TechSoup



Thanks for being a nonprofit tech community champion,


— Elijah van der Giessen, NetSquared Community Manager


NetSquared Calgary: It's GROW TIME! You're the lead.

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Hosted by NetSquared Calgary's Kelly Morris


Now, more than ever, you will be asked as the tech leader within your organization to step up, share your skills and help widen the knowledge of your team so that all your colleagues can work efficiently from home.

Let's take this opportunity to remove your stress, discuss your pain points and challenges and turn it around to help your team succeed.

Bring your curiosity and questions and share your knowledge with the #tech4good community.

Join us and our special guest, Leitha Cosentino, a leadership guru and business coach (and a fundraiser), who will help you build your resilience through this unprecedented time of change.

Let's keep growing this amazing Calgary community.

NetSquared Athens: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Tech and Nonprofit*

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(*But were afraid to ask)

This video comes from NetSquared Athens and Matteo Sisto.

With limited resources (time and money), can you do more for your beneficiaries? Yes, you can! Let me help you to get the most out of digital tools for nonprofit. This video was recorded during the first NetSquared event in Greece “Everything you always wanted to know about tech and nonprofit* (*But were afraid to ask)" !

NetSquared Athens has committed to three events to start —  but is recruiting co-organizers. Let us know if you want to help out.

NetSquared London: Human Connection in a Time of Social Distancing

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This recording comes from NetSquared London's April 7th online meetup.

With a catastrophic reduction in the F2F contact many charities are going to have with their beneficiaries over the coming months, the direction towards digital services is a clear route that many will take. 

However, as we do this it is essential we take into account the negative impact the lack of F2F will have on beneficiaries and staff members alike. 

Designing digital services that meet the need for meaningful human connection should to be a priority for us all. 

Led by the team at the relational design studio, Deepr, this interactive workshop jumpstarted a process where we learned and shared: 

  • What we know already about achieving human connection in digital and F2F services 
  • How we can begin to apply this to the new digital services we're urgently designing and developing 
  • Opportunities for us to work together to embed meaningful human connection in live projects


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