Tracked in America online audio documentary chronicles U.S. government surveillance

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The ACLU of of Northern California has just launched the fascinating Tracked in America online audio documentary website that presents stories from the history of U.S. Government surveillance.  In podcast format, the site tells the compelling stories of 25 individuals who've been the targets of government surveillance. Accompanied by an educator manual, Tracked in America's innovative presentation of oral histories allows for easy adoption into classroom curricula.

Howard Rheingold, Paul Saffo & Lucy Bernholz on the NetSquared Podcast

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During the 2006 NetSquared Conference, Howard Rheingold and Paul Saffo, with Lucy Bernholz moderating, discussed which technologies today are truly disruptive, and which are a continuation or acceleration of ongoing trends?

You can listen to the NetSquared podcast either online by clicking on the icon that looks like this: or on your MP3 player when you subscribe to the NetSquared podcast feed:

Big thanks again to Net2 volunteer podcast editor, Stace Carter, for editing and posting the recording for us!

Social Networking and Group Fundraising Article

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Hello Net2,

Many of you will probably be interested in a "how-to" article I've written for my website.

It's about using the internet for group fundraising. As I started to research the subject, I realized that people (including myself) can get rather lost in their attempt to select an appropriate group fundraising website.

So I wrote this article for First-of-its-kind.

The article is called How to use the internet for group fundraising. Please have a look and let me know what you think.

Measurement, Evaluation and Web 2.0

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I am curious to know how you feel Web 2.0 features will impact web analytics. Will they prompt a shift in how people measure effectiveness online? Are you gearing up to reconcile linkages against syndication?

I have a couple of theories I’m curious to investigate:

1.) I suspect that ‘influentials’ will become important to web evaluation...people, tools, and sites that act as marketing ambassadors through their reach.

2.) I also suspect the resulting impact of ‘influentials’ will prompt a demand for some kind of value metric. That value metric will help
web marketers measure beyond volume (perhaps even beyond engagement to evaluate quality).

Your perspectives and feedback are most appreciated!

Second Life and the Social Sector on SocialEdge

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This past spring the American Cancer Society raised over $40,000 with a virtual walkathon in Second Life

If you've been wondering if your nonprofit should have a presence on Second Life,  Tech Soup's Online Community Manager, Susan Tenby, (Glitteractica Cookie in Second Life) is facilitating an online discussion on SocialEdge with Paul Lamb (Jumper LeSeure in Second Life) about moving your nonprofit to Second Life.  The event is going on until Monday, October 30th so check it out.

Online Event this week on Social Edge about nonprofits and Second Life

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I wanted to let you all know about an online event that I am co-hosting this week with Paul Lamb from Man on a Mission Consulting.

Join the event:


Here is the announcement: 

Moving your social benefit organization to the world of Second Life

Join Paul Lamb, A Man on a Mission, known in Second Life as Jumper LeSuere (yes, that’s his avatar’s name).

Begun in 2003 by Linden Lab, Second Life is a 3-D virtual world with over 1 million registered users worldwide. Think of it as an online game that allows you to interact with others and move around and do things via your own online character (called an avatar).

Second Life has its own U.S. $64 Million annual economy, an independent media, its own currency, and a thriving virtual real estate market that allows you to purchase land and structures. It is reported that over 3,000 entrepreneurs are making more than U.S. $20,000 a year, selling not just real estate, but coding and distributing everything from clothes to body parts for your avatar in Second Life.

Last month Reuters news agency announced it would be setting up a news desk within Second Life to report specifically on the news there, and numerous universities and companies are conducting training courses and advertising in a world that is growing in population by 10-15% per month.

What does any of this have to do with the social sector? Well, you might just ask the American Cancer Society, who raised over $40,000 this past spring by conducting a virtual walkathon in Second Life.

Take a look at this brief You Tube video clip of a visit to Better World Island, where you will find Camp Darfur and other social benefit organizations. These organizations are interacting with online visitors to provide education, raise money and offering an alternative way for people to learn about their efforts, all online.

Joining Paul Lamb as a guest in the discussion will be Susan Tenby, Online Community Manager at TechSoup. Susan has taken the lead in involving her organization and in forming an ongoing nonprofit discussion group on Second Life. She is currently in discussions on an effort to setup a free nonprofit office complex, and is developing a directory and Frequently Asked Questions for nonprofit newcomers in Second Life.

Before joining the discussion, you might wish to checkout the Wikipedia description of Second Life or sign up on Second Life yourself and try it out. It’s free and just requires you to register for an account.

Here are some thoughts on how social benefit organizations might use Second Life:

• Setup a virtual office space to host online visitors who can learn about what your organization does through online hosts and interactive activities.

• Use the site to conduct trainings for staff or clients who cannot be physically present in your offices OR create a virtual office and forego a physical office altogether?

• Advertise your organization to the Second Life community – 1 million and growing.

• Raise money.

• Use Second Life as a place to foresee and experiment with what is not yet possible or doable in the real world.

Please let us know your own thoughts on Second Life and the social sector:

If new to Second Life feel free to ask questions… Don’t worry: it takes a little getting used to.

If you are an active Second Life user, share your ideas and experiences and tell us if Second Life represents a new opportunity for the social sector.

Online Community Meet-up This Wednesday

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I wanted to let you all know that we are meeting up to discuss Online Communities tomorrow: 


The San Francisco Online Community Report Meetup Group

For readers of the Online Community Report or others interested in the topic of online community management and online group collaboration. We discuss tools and methods to enhance participation on various online communities that we support.

The San Francisco Online Community Report October Meetup
Wednesday, October 25, 2006 at 7:00PM

Let's meet to discuss new projects and technologies you are working on that pertain to Online Community. This includes your work with social networking applications, forums, listservs, etc.We, at TechSoup, have been getting particularly excited about SecondLife. What have new tools have you been using and what have you been working on? Let's meet at Hotel Biron again, in the little alley behind Zuni.www.hotelbiron.comSee you all there!The first nonprofit online community manager that shows up gets a free glass of wine on me!


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