11/11 Orientation - Silicon Valley Commons

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The Commons is a free wiki-based online newsmagazine about non-profits that serve the Silicon Valley, the people behind them, and the people that they help -- written, edited & produced by students and other volunteers in the valley.


There are hundreds of organizations and thousands of people engaged in good work in the Valley. They feed our hungry, shelter our homeless, heal our sick, teach our children, protect our communities, give strength to the powerless, and hope to those who had lost all hope. Their stories are extraordinary, but often left untold. The principal mission of this project is to get their stories told.

NpTech Tag Roundup: Election Day, NPTech Blog Chatter, and Tool Talk

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Photo from  Politalk_Tim Flickr Stream via the Voter Voices project

Election Day, Organizing, Campaigns, Nonprofits and Web 2.0

Allison Fine writes an Op-Ed piece on the SF Chronicle entitled "A New Bargain: YouTube Politics."  She points to an interesting web widget from SunLight Labs which adds mini-profiles with links to Member of Congress to your blog or web page when you mouseover the link.

Vloggging & Digital Storytelling: Interviews with Irina Slutsky, Eddie Codel and Amy Hill

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Wishing you were able to come to the San Francisco Net Tuesday last month and hear about vlogging and digital storytelling for nonprofits? No problem. Now you can listen to an interview with Eddie Codel and Irina Slutsky, the creators of Geek Entertainment TV, and with Amy Hill, Community Projects Director of the Center for Digital Storytelling, as well as a recording of Amy's presentation, on the NetSquared podcast.  Big thanks to David Collin, our Net Tuesday podcaster, for recording the interviews and presentation, and to The Hat Factory for hosting the event in their awesome space.

Dear Abby: Apple Rejects Net2 Podcast Feed

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DEAR ABBY: First, let me offer you a piece of advice.  If you are planning to submit your nonprofit or NGO's podcast feed to the iTunes Music Store, do not submit it before you post at least one program.  I made that mistake last August when I switched the NetSquared Podcast over from Odeo to Libsyn, and Apple rejected my feed.  In spite of multiple attempts since then to resubmit it, and multiple viewings of the message, "The feed has already been submitted," it is not listed.

Instant Organizing with Social Tools: Ma.gnolia & RootsCamp at SF Net Tuesday

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If you've been wondering how your nonprofit can use social bookmarking, or are an organizer who wants to debrief after the election, this month's Net Tuesday San Francisco is for you.  Our speakers will be Larry Halff, founder of the social bookmarking online community, Ma.gnolia, and Nica Lorber, lead organizer of RootsCampSF, one of many post-election RootsCamps being held around the country.

Kiva on FRONTLINE/World October 31st

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When the idea of NetSquared was just beginning, one of the very first NetSquared Case Studies posted in November 2005 was of Kiva.   Fast forward one year and Kiva has been covered everywhere from the BBC to NPR to the Daily Kos.  Tomorrow,  Tuesday, October 31st,  they will be one of three stories on FRONTLINE World.  You can also watch it via streaming video on the FRONTLINE World web site a few days after the broadcast. Here's a link to a brief preview of the show on Google video.

If you are not sure of your local PBS station, Click here to search for your local PBS station on the PBS website.  Also note that your local station may list the program for that evening as "Burma: State of Fear" which is the headlining story.

Continuous Progress: A New Resource for Evaluating Advocacy I'm Very Excited About

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I'm a long-time lurker and I signed up because I'm really excited about these new guides to advocacy evaluation we've been working on for months. We call them Continuous Progress. We designed them as complementary, interconnected guides to using evaluation as a valuable tool for planning and executing successful advocacy campaigns. They are focused on foreign policy advocacy, but everyone we've demonstrated them for has said that they absolutely have value in domestic advocacy campaigns as well. 


NpTech Tag Stream Roundup: Happy Halloween and Micro What?

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Flickr photo from sabellachan

The NpTech Tag Stream brought in a number of photos, videos, and podcasts and yes, lots of blog posts, including some live blogging from conferences.   Halloween is coming up next week so this post about what geeks give out for Halloween is timely (example: orange index card imprinted with URL of your Halloween video on YouTube.)   Finally, the word "micro" kept popping up in very seemingly unconnected ways.


An excellent new resource on the topic of  micro-philthanthropy from Peter Deitz who has published First-of-its-kind, a web site that promotes small-scale giving and research and filled with useful comparisons of tools, case studies, and other resources.    The Somewhat Frank blog gives us a list of other micro ways groups can contribute their time or moral support.


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