WITNESS & Global Voices Online Pilot Human Rights Video Hub

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WITNESS and Global Voices Online have teamed up to pilot a Human Rights Video Hub where anyone anywhere can upload human rights related videos.

You can check out the pilot project on the Global Voices blog here.  Among the video up right now is footage of police dispersing student protestors in China, UCLA police using a taser gun on a student, and video shot by journalist Brad Will while reporting during the protests in Oaxaca right before he was killed.

Launch of the completed Hub is planned for 2007.

It doesn't look like it is updated very frequently, but you can also follow the Hub's progress on WITNESS' Video Hub Blog.

PLEASE License Podcasts so we can remix them!

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I just left a comment on the podcast shownotes for the 'Citizen Journalism' talk that I wish to remix and republish to help spread the word.

I am very surprised to find that there isnt an open (e.g. CC:BY) license so that I can do this without having to ask for (and somehow magically track) permission.  For more info on which Creative Commons terms are most open, check these conversations that Beth Kanter and I are involved in:

Nonprofit Open Source Initiative Salon

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If you are interested in the use of open source by nonprofits and want to help bring nonprofits and open source developers together, the Nonprofit Open Source Initiative (NOSI) has five ways that you can get involved:

* First, we are developing new open source case studies to supplement the case studies in the NOSI primer. We welcome contributions from additional nonprofits who have used Open Source Software (OSS), especially if your case study involves OSS that is not covered in any of the existing case studies in the primer.

Take Back the Tech: How Can Technology Stop Violence Against Women?

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Take Back The Tech

Like everything in life, we have a choice to use our tools, skills and knowledge to help, or to hurt.  Here are NetSquared, we focus on how technology can be used to help people, but sometimes it is used to hurt.  Take Back the Tech

is raising awareness about the role of technology in violence against women with a 16-day blogathon.  During the 16 days, from November 25-December 10, the Association of Progressive Communications, Women's Networking Support Programme is asking bloggers to write about how technology increases, or can stop violence against women with stories like these from the Take Back the Tech site:

NetRoots & Ma.gnolia on the Net2 Podcast

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Our fabulous San Francisco Net Tuesday podcaster, David Collin, posted his interviews with Larry Halff, the founder of Ma.gnolia, and Nica Lorber, the organizer of Rootscamp in San Francisco, over the weekend. David also recorded Larry and Nica's presentations. Here are the links so you can check 'em out:
Larry Halff's presentation
Interview with Larry Halff
Interview with Nica Lorber
Nica Lorber's presentation

Animals + Online Fundraising

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Hello Net2,

Last night, I launched the beta version of My Pet's Project.   This is the first initiative that I know of that permits cats, dogs, and other pets to use social networking tools to promote a fundraising campaign.

Here's the mission statement:

My Pet’s Project, an initiative of First-of-its-kind, helps passionate individuals raise money for non-profit organizations by combining social networking tools and fundraising with the universal appeal of cats, dogs, and other animals.

Social Networking for Nonprofits Article on Nonprofit Times

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I just came across an article posted on Nonprofit Times titled Social Networking. It brings up some interesting points about nonprofits and social networking sites.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

"Check out the American Cancer Society (ACS) on the Web portal and you'd think the nonprofit is active in showing videos. If you search for the organization on YouTube, you'll see the cartoon The Flintstones appearing to change directions after smoking. You'll also see that $100,000 was raised during one event at Michigan State University. News regarding colorectal cancer is in one video, and the Relay for Life details are shown in another video.


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