NetRoots & Ma.gnolia on the Net2 Podcast

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Our fabulous San Francisco Net Tuesday podcaster, David Collin, posted his interviews with Larry Halff, the founder of Ma.gnolia, and Nica Lorber, the organizer of Rootscamp in San Francisco, over the weekend. David also recorded Larry and Nica's presentations. Here are the links so you can check 'em out:
Larry Halff's presentation
Interview with Larry Halff
Interview with Nica Lorber
Nica Lorber's presentation

Animals + Online Fundraising

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Hello Net2,

Last night, I launched the beta version of My Pet's Project.   This is the first initiative that I know of that permits cats, dogs, and other pets to use social networking tools to promote a fundraising campaign.

Here's the mission statement:

My Pet’s Project, an initiative of First-of-its-kind, helps passionate individuals raise money for non-profit organizations by combining social networking tools and fundraising with the universal appeal of cats, dogs, and other animals.

Social Networking for Nonprofits Article on Nonprofit Times

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I just came across an article posted on Nonprofit Times titled Social Networking. It brings up some interesting points about nonprofits and social networking sites.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

"Check out the American Cancer Society (ACS) on the Web portal and you'd think the nonprofit is active in showing videos. If you search for the organization on YouTube, you'll see the cartoon The Flintstones appearing to change directions after smoking. You'll also see that $100,000 was raised during one event at Michigan State University. News regarding colorectal cancer is in one video, and the Relay for Life details are shown in another video.

E-Artcasting: Social Media in Art Museums

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I ran across a blog/project last month that I thought might interest Net2 folks, E-Artcasting: Sociable Technologies in Art Museums (English + Espanol).  According to the blog's profile, it is produced by a group of Fulbright Scholars from around the world, and is directed by Pilar Gonzalo.  In addition to a blog, they also have a wiki, a Flickr stream, a account, and a Listible list.

Net Neutrality Open Source Documentary

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Save the Internet | Rock the Vote

I "met" Arin Crumley of Four Eyed Monsters when he commented on a video I had on YouTube.   He's a talented filmmaker (as Susan and the other folks at Four-Eyed Monsters).  

He created the above "open source documentary" on Net Netrality called Humanity Lobotomy.  He is encouraging people to download and remix it or spread it.   And, as you can see below, Mike Ambs, of Caliblog already has.   All of the video clips came from searching “net neutrality” on YouTube, Google Video, Podzinger and delicious.

NPTechTag Roundup: From Sandwiches to Chainsaws to Pregnant Podcasters!

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Flickr Photo by Ben Sheldon

As we head into the holiday next week, food is on my mind.  And what do I find in the nptech tag stream from flickr?  More photos from conference gathering of nonprofit techies? No!  A riff on the metaphor of sandwiches and nonprofit technology sustainability. 

Better yet, it is being shared by a creative commons share alike 2.0 license which means we are free to use it as long as we credit the photographer.

There was an interesting post about the pros and cons about the technology that drives the NpTechTag (social bookmarking services/RSS versus collaborative search engine.)   What do you think?

Blogosphere Chatter

NTEN releases the results of its information technology staff survey.  The good news is that a lot of nonprofits "get it" and are investing in technology, but a large investment gap exists between large and small nonprofits.  While not surprising, this information could be very useful to many organizations in making the case to decision-makers about the importance of IT investments.

NpTech: Google CSE Versus Socialbookmarking/RSS Feeds - What do you think?

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NonprofitTechBlog writes that the NpTechTag stream could be improved by  having the ability to add subcategories or "taxonomical terms so that we could understand more of the tagger's intent AND that other people can go back and retag it."  (Almost a year ago, the idea of subcategories for tags was discussed on Netsquared.) 

In addition, the NonProfitTechBlog find the tag stream's lack of archival and retrieval to be a big problem with its usefulness.


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