How to Run a Great Meetup

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Want to know the secrets to running a great NetSquared Meetup? Keep reading to get the advice I’ve distilled from four years of volunteering in producing the SFTech4Good Meetup all in one place. 

1. Set an Intention or Theme for Your Event

The first thing to consider when running a Meetup is: why do you want to run this event? What’s in it for you? What is your motivation?

Don’t run an event just to run an event. Why not? Because you’ll quit when you get bored or when you encounter difficulties.

Pick a topic you’re passionate about. Choose something that will help you get where you want to go in your current job, or that will help you find your next job. By deciding what you care about first, and setting your personal intention for the event, you can create a compelling theme. Enthusiasm is one of the secret ingredients to making amazing things happen. As Simon Sinek’s TED talk says, “Start with WHY.” The reason why you are interested then naturally links to why someone would be interested in attending. Your personal intention and event theme will also determine whom you should invite to speak at your event, the type of location you select, etc. 


NetSquared Organizer July Update – Hosting a Summer #Tech4Good Social

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Hosting a summer social is a great way to bring your members together so they can network and chill out. It’s also really easy to plan!

What You Need to Do

  • Make a group reservation at a local pub or bar.
  • Invite your members to a buy-your-own-booze gathering.
  • Circulate, socialize, and make sure everyone’s having a great time!

That’s it. No presenters, no agenda, no money required.

Get sample event descriptions and graphics in the Organizer Guide.

NetSquared Organizer Update for June 2019 – Two Popular Google-Themed Event Ideas

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Almost everyone has Google Analytics installed on their website... but do they know how to use it to track goal conversions, rather than vanity metrics? The Measuring What Matters event template makes it easy to host a workshop.

And once your members understand Google Analytics the next challenge is applying and setting up Google Ad Grants. Help local nonprofits use Google's $10,000/per month donation. It's available in 52+ countries, but most organizations aren't using this free marketing tool.

#Musoma: Cloud Storage and Online Data Storage for Nonprofits

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NetSquared Lake Zone we conducted a training of online cloud storage at Musoma district in Afrilux hotel. The training was based on Online data storage which participated by Head teacher from four Wards, which are Bugwema, mugando Kasuguti Nyakatende and one ward education officer.

Reason for taken this carder, all headteacher have the smartphones and computer which are provided by government for purpose of daily reporting student attendance. 

Topic covered


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