May 20 - June 3: helping your coworkers learn new tech

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If you're a member of our tech for nonprofits meetup you are already sold on the value of digital services. But perhaps your colleagues, new to the tech-forward lifestyle, need some help? Here's seven free webinars from the NetSquared community (and a roundup of discounted tools from TechSoup and our partners).

Upcoming Events

Here are just some of the online conversations hosted by NetSquared and our parent nonprofit TechSoup.

NetSquared Organizer May Update: New Template for Online Events

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COVID-19 has cancelled all our live events, so we're adapting by going ONLINE. A virtual meetup is your chance to keep your group's community connections — and grow to include people who were never able to attend in-person meetups. I've been surprised by the uptake of online events — people are still hungry for community, so try your own online event on zoom.

NEW TEMPLATE: Online Events, with seven themes and free access to Zoom Pro.


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