Why did people come to the first Exeter NetSquared meetup?

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We had a great first NetSquared meetup at the Exeter Phoenix. About 20 or so attendees came along to network with each other and hear from our speakers.

We did the obligatory post it exercise to try and find out a bit more about people's motivations: why they had come along and what they want to get out of the meeting. Thanks to everyone for taking part and thanks to Katja for helping sort the post its!

It's always a bit tricky to try and bring some order to the post it chaos, but here is our take on the three main reasons why people came along:

  1. For networking and collaboration with others - 13 post its!
  2. To explore specific interests and get questions answered - 11 post its!
  3. To learn and share skills - 10 post its!

Our next meetup is this coming Wednesday at Kaleider Studios, 45 Preston Street. It would be great to see you there. Sign up now if you haven't already.

And for more of a flavour of why people came along, here are the post its transcribed in all their glory...

Networking and collaboration

  • See who is around the Exeter area
  • Meet interesting people
  • To meet new people from new networks
  • Good to meet even more wonderful people
  • I'm here because Rupa made me come
  • Reconnect with Exeter Tech folk
  • Find out about interesting projects
  • Find out what other Tech4Good companies are doing
  • Hope to collaborate with more like-minded people
  • Meet interesting people
  • What other Tech4Good orgs are out there?
  • Finding out what others are doing in the sector
  • Meeting new people

Specific interests and questions

  • Collaboration around mapping
  • Into web accessibility and cognitive accessibility
  • To represent Essence (Exeter Social Enterprise Network)
  • Finding volunteers, possibly people who are housebound?
  • Make our website more accessible
  • I'm looking for an IT/systems lead for the NSW board - community org. volunteer led.
  • I'd like help sourcing a new and cost effective IT platform, similar to google docs to share files securely + preferably using Word/Excel
  • Research a volunteer recruitment app
  • Need user research
  • Finding corporate sponsors
  • Need biz and funding skills

Learning and skill sharing

  • Sharing knowledge
  • Helping people who need it
  • Find out what skills, knowledge and experience people have and need
  • Put my time to good use
  • Tech and non profits are Neon Tribe's area
  • Interested in everything
  • Find out about interesting projects
  • To learn! about non profits and what they are!
  • Learn new terminology
  • To learn from people (I'm new to this)