What's Next for the NetSquared Ambassadors?

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The NetSquared Ambassadors wrapped up their 2017 term on December 31. Their contributions continue to be a major part of NetSquared's success and growth because they give us local expertise and connections. I tried to measure their impact at the end of the previous year and the numbers continue to hold true.

Total New Organizer referrals in 2017: 115

  • Paul=14
  • Pascal=4
  • Ednah=5
  • Chrispin=8
  • Birgit=6
  • Emmanuel=14

So 44 percent of organizer referrals came from Ambassadors, which is a huge accomplishment for a team of seven! 

What's Next For the Ambassador Program?

We're still developing our plan, but if I had to guess I'd say that in 2018:

  • The Ambassador program will continue.
  • The budget will be reduced, which means I won't be able to bring Ambassadors together for training and consultations at the Nonprofit Technology Conference.
  • There's a strong possibility of the introduction of an honorarium for Ambassdors.
  • The future of the Regional Gathering funds for local gatherings is uncertain.
  • Ambassadors will be given monthly goals for support calls/outreach and referrals to new organizers
  • After two terms I want to refresh the Ambassador team to bring in some new members.

I hope to be able to share more by mid February. But in the meantime please join me in thanking the 2017 NetSquared Ambassadors for their enormous contributions to building the #Tech4Good capacity of nonprofits globally.

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