What's NetSquared Up To in May?

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Here’s your monthly update from the world of NetSquared Local. I’m going to blow your mind by sharing some stats and our May events. Read on!

What is NetSquared Local?

Net2 Local is TSG’s volunteer-driven network of nonprofit tech meetups and salons.

NetSquared Local groups hold monthly offline events for anyone interested in the connection of technology and social impact. They offer an opportunity to convene locally to share ideas, learn from one another and collaborate on projects for real world impact.


How big is the NetSquared Local community?
In the last year we’ve extended our reach as follows:

  • # of active groups: 48

  • # of events held: 385

  • # of tickets RSVPed: 7155

  • # of countries with active groups: 20

  • # of NetSquared meetup members: 17,590

New groups

In April we launched or re-launched groups in the following cities:

Digital Storytelling Challenge

NetSquared organizers were jazzed by the Digital Storytelling Challenge. They collaborated with the TechSoup Global team to bring events into their communities.

  • Ten Net2 groups held Digital Storytelling events in their community, with an estimated 360 attendees.
  • Eight of the eleven cities in the digital storytelling global tweet chat were led by Net2 local organizers.

Highlights from the NetSquared community blog

NetSquared Local organizers are bringing together their communities to do amazing things and have inspiring discussions. Here are some highlights that they’ve shared from their April events.

May Events

A total of 34 events were held in April. So far 20 events have been scheduled for May, so we’re on pace for another very busy month.

Want in on the fun? You can apply to be a NetSquared organizer or find your closest event on the global calendar.

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