What #SaveMarketBasket Can Teach Nonprofits About Social Media & Inspiring Passion

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Born and raised north of Boston, MA, I am acutely familiar with the regional discount grocery store chain Market Basket. It’s where everyone I know shops for their food. Until recently.

Market Basket has about 25,000 employees (non-unionized) and 71 locations in 3 New England states. I won’t go into too much detail about the recent goings-on, but in the last few weeks, the beloved former-CEO Arthur T. Demoulas was fired by a Board controlled by less-popular feuding family members. Market Basket employees have been boycotting the store and holding protests, at the expense of their jobs and careers.

Once the story started receiving national attention, social media channels were all a-buzz. What can this grassroots-turned-national social media campaign teach nonprofits about using social media and inspiring passion in supporters?

Here are just 6 ideas: