What Does the Number 50,000 Look Like? Eli and the NetSquared Community Can Show You!

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Please join me in celebrating a major milestone for NetSquared  – the program now has 50,000 members, reachable through our 130 meetup.com groups! (And growing at 28% year over year!)

Every month NetSquared’s grassroots volunteers are offering in-person support for nonprofit staffers who want to build their tech skills. We know that TechSoup members want local training, but it would be impossible to provide at a sensible cost without the contributions of over 300 volunteers.  With more than 500 events per year NetSquared offers TechSoup a spectacular bang for the buck. ☺

How’d Eli, the NetSquared Community Manager, feel when we crossed the 50,000 mark? This animated .gif captures his excitement.


How’d We Do It?

NetSquared is more than 10 years in the making and has succeeded because we treat is as a program, rather than a project. Steady, consistent investment is behind the accelerating growth of the NetSquared community. NetSquared was created by Marnie Webb, Daniel Ben-Horin, and Billy Bicket to help nonprofits learn how to leverage web2.0 tools, but eventually grew into TechSoup’s grassroots community.

The other secret to our success is that NetSquared was built to scale. NetSquared’s model gives local organizers a tremendous amount of autonomy and puts ownership in community hands. Volunteers aren’t waiting for us to approve their next event – instead TechSoup offers support and mentorship to organizers.

We're recruiting new NetSquared organizers. Learn more about becoming one of our community leaders.

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