What Are NetSquared's Values?

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NOTE: Google has shut the Moderator service down, but you can see a copy of the prioritized values list from Spring 2015 here.

Update October 2016: see the Refreshing NetSquared's Values post for the latest on this process.

NetSquared is growing and growth brings change as we adapt to the increasing reach of our groups. But change can be dangerous if we inadvertently damage NetSquared by adopting new projects and approaches that don’t reflect the priorities of our community and our organizers. That’s why I’m asking for your participation in helping identity the values that are at the core of the NetSquared network.

Please go to our Google Moderator site and up/down vote the initial set of 13 values. Or add your own! Please vote! It’ll only take a few minutes!

The existing NetSquared values document is quite old now and reflects a very different NetSquared (back when we held challenges, hackathons and conferences). Let’s refresh our values so that we’re ready for whatever comes next!

We are drawing inspiration for this approach from the values based decision making model which ensures that the decisions we make reflect the world we want to make, rather than being reactions to the pressures of the short term.

What’s Next
Voting will be open until April 1. Afterwards I’ll take the prioritized set of values and draft a Values Statement for review by the NetSquared Organizer community.