#Wellington Twitter Takeaway! Save this date, and next Meetup

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Twitter Takeaway: notes from 'Twitter is dead, long live twitter!' 

Key point notes from Meetup "Twitter is dead, long live twitter!' are at www.net2welly.org.nz/category/takeaways/­­.

Many thanks to

  • Lachlan McKenzie for a great intro to Twitter, and how it reached a whole new audience for the New Zealand Resuscitation Council 
  • Stephen Blyth telling Twitter had worked really well for the Drug Foundation, but don't be too quick to reTweet - check the facts and your assumptions first.... 
  • Katie Byrne on how Taylor Swift built her personal brand with Twitter, how Twitter fitted Kiwibank image, and how she nurtured her community and evangelists
  • our (modest) volunteer notetaker for the session

An excellent intro to reaqching out with Twitter - Twitter lives!

Keep November 25th free...mark your diaries
The date is set for the net2welly Unconference, we've got our major sponsor, our venue and detailed planning is underway. It'll be a full day event followed by socialising.

Next MeetUp August 9th
Due to a date clash, we've had to reschedule our pencilled-in-for-August presentation for later this year. But we have a cunning plan... 
We'll let you know the topic and presenter asap. (We've already got September and October sorted btw.)

Quote from a new attendee "These sessions - and the people I've met here - have been really helpful; we've completely revised part of our plans as a result, and I'm sure it'll work much better."

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See you soon,

Bill & Stephen