This Week's Mobile Mobile Technology For Social Change Recap

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Guest Post by Tiffany Pintor

This is the first post in a series of roundups nf the latest in mobile technology for social change. This post is a digest of interesting international NPTech stories on mobile technology from around the world. Find below links to stories that explore how mobile is being used to document atrocities, Beth Kanter and John Haydon explain how and when nonprofits should invest in mobile and we put a spotlight on UK’s effort towards blending mobile, social entrepreneurship and civil society.

Innovative ideas sought to advance human rights
November 2012

The Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention is a competition which seeks new mostly mobile tools that can be used to document atrocities in conflict states such as Syria, or gather information from hard-to-access areas.

How to make your nonprofit site more mobile-friendly
Oct 2012

Beth Kanter posts about a recent “conversation” she had on Facebook with other nonprofit technology consultants on when and how nonprofits should adapt their websites to accommodate mobile which should happen when 20% of your readers are using a tablet and smartphone and can be done through “responsive web design code,” and developing a custom app.

How to make your nonprofit site more mobile-friendly
November 2012

John Haydon explains how responsive design can help nonprofits make their sites more mobile friendly. A responsive website means that the content (pages, text, videos, photos) automatically resizes in response to the particular device a viewer is using. For example, you can easily view my website on an iPad, iPhone or browser. Here are the steps.

UK charities embrace new methods of fundraising
November 2012
The Guardian

According to a report by Blackbaud, a leading provider of software and services for not-for-profit organisations, UK charities are increasingly embracing social media, mobile, and special events for fundraising and donor recruitment. In fact, the UK is leading the way in the nonprofit world in the mobile sector.


Wealthy Labour donor launches mobile network with charity link
November 2012

Andrew Rosenfeld, former chair of the NSPCC Full Stop campaign, has founded a new mobile phone company that pledges to give a quarter of its profits to charity, and has recruited Sir Christopher Kelly and Kevin Curley as trustees of the associated grantmaking foundation.


Tiffany Echavez Pintor was born in Cebu, Philippines but grew up in South California.  After studying International Relations and Finance at Stanford and Oxford Universities, she worked in various writing and analytical roles in politics, venture capital and nonprofits.