This Week’s Social Change News from Africa and the Middle East

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Guest Post by Tiffany Pintor


This is the next installment in a series of roundups on social change news from Africa and the Middle East. In this digest issue, we take a look at how nonprofits in the Middle East and Northern Africa are dealing with the effects of the Arab Spring  and how technology is taking women in Saudi Arabia one step forward - and two steps back.

NGOs Face Perilous Situation with Others in Syria

Non-Profit Quarterly
December 2012

As the situation in Syria worsens, NGOs are struggling to function as violence escalate and charges of corruption are lobbied against the Assad administration.


Middle East Children’s Alliance Programs Address Trauma Faced by Children After 8 Days of Bombing in Gaza

Palestine News Network
December 2012

The Middle East Children's Alliance, (MECA) a California based nonprofit, has been providing mental health treatment to children in Gaza after Operation Pillar of Cloud, the 8 day long bombing campaign which stopped in late November.   


Oracle signs deal to increase Saudi female IT employment

Computer Weekly
December 2012

Oracle has announced a partnership with the website Glowork to showcasing the skills of female graduates to major companies in Saudi Arabia as well as hold workshops and seminars to familiarise women with the skills needed to secure a job in IT.


Saudi Arabia Introduces SMS System That Alerts Husbands, Fathers When Saudi Women Are Leaving The Country

November 2012
Fast Company

The Saudi Interior Ministry has introduced an innovative and controversial SMS service which  monitors cross-border movements and sends a text alert to a woman's male guardian when she leaves the country--even when her guardian (her husband, father, whoever) is traveling alongside her.


Tiffany Echavez Pintor was born in Cebu, Philippines but grew up in South California.  After studying International Relations and Finance at Stanford and Oxford Universities, she worked in various writing and analytical roles in politics, venture capital and nonprofits.

IMAGE: Retlaw Snellac, Flickr Creative Commons