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This is the first post in a series of roundups on fund development. In this week’s digest, we take a look into USAID’s new program geared towards resilience in crisis prone areas, the continued aid funding fall out for Rwanda, as well as new funding for AIDs relief. Finally, find out how the new U.S. fiscal cliff tax laws will affect nonprofit funding.

USAID Launches Policy and Program Guidance on Building Resilience to Recurrent Crisis
Dec 2012

USAID announces a policy to better coordinate its development and humanitarian approaches to effectively build resilience in targeted areas of recurrent crisis and help them move from cycles of crisis to a pathway toward development.

The story behind USAID’s new resilience strategy

Dec 2012

Raj Kumar speaks with Nancy Lindborg in October, theU.S. Agency for International Developmentassistant administrator about the process of bringing together relief and development people from the Horn of Africa and hopefully move people off the crisis cycle.


UK withholds aid to Rwanda in light of Congo DRC allegations

The Guardian
Nov 2012

Kigali continues to suffer more aid loses amidst allegations that Kigali is financing rebels in Congo. This is in light of the The EU, US, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden all halting aid to the African country.  Rwandan President, Kagame denies the allegations.


Clinton Reveals Blueprint For An 'AIDS-Free Generation'

National Public Radio
Nov 2012

The Obama administration has pledged millions of dollars on the fight against AIDS via the resident's Emergency Fund for AIDS Relief, orPEPFARwhich hinges on the treatment as prevention strategy.  The initiatives seeks to prevent most new infections from occurring in the first place and to stop HIV-positive people from developing AIDS.


The Fiscal Cliff Legislation: A Primer for Nonprofits on Its Provisions

Nonprofit Quarterly

January 2013


Now that the U.S. “Fiscal Cliff” Congressional negotiations have concluded, what effect will the new law have on nonprofit funding? The good news is that there is no cap on the total amount of permitted charitable deductions. The bad news is that the value of higher income taxpayer’s itemized charitable deductions will be reduced the more income they have.


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