Web of Change Los Angeles: June 19 - 20

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I want to invite you to something special. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Web of Change … ? Web of Change is a truly amazing experience that brings together social change leadership once a year for connection, community, learning, and sharing. I've attended their British Columbia, Canada event twice now and it's honestly the best conference/retreat ever.

And now we are rolling out the first Web of Change local in Los Angeles.

Please consider this a personal invitation to join me and the rest of the spectacular WOC-LA organizing committee - that's Shayna Englin, Sung E Bai, Refugio Mata, Jen Higgins, and Adrian Vivas - in Los Angeles June 19-20. 

We will head to the lovely San Bernardino mountains, just 90 minutes from downtown LA but deep in the heart of nature, for 36 hours of a jam-packed agenda. The agenda details are still in progress, and we're building around the themes of leadership, community, strategic use of data, intentionality versus reactivity, and vision. And of course a party. Because it's Web of Change and we get that people who party together change the world together. 

Check us out: http://webofchange.com/wocl-la

Please mark your calendars to join me in my favorite place doing one of my favorite things: heading out to nature with my Web of Change peeps to get our world-changing on.: June 19-20.