We hate the spam, too!

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Firstly: Huge apologies to those that follow the NetSquared Community Blog—whether you read it on the site, via RSS or through Twitter—for all the off-topic, offensive, and otherwise unwanted spam that's unfortunately made it through onto the site lately.  Secondly: We aren't just apologizing, though. We have been trying to find the best way to improve!

Changes to the Community Blog

  • All blog posts are now completely moderated: This means your posts are saved, but not visible on the site until they've been approved by NetSquared staff.  This does not mean that we will edit your posts.  So long as they are not inappropriate or off-topic (we welcome anything that touches on technology and social impact), we will approve them.
  • All comments are now completely moderated:  Just like with the posts, all comments are now moderated by the NetSquared team.  All comments will be approved that are not off-topic or inappropriate.
  • Verified users will be granted publishing permissions:  As we confirm Community Blog contributors (based on use of the Blog with appropriate content), we will give permissions to users to allow blog post publishing without moderation.  We hope this will mean that those who already regularaly contribute to the blog will only have a couple posts that require moderation and that new bloggers can feel the Community Blog is a safe and valuable place to start contributing.

As always, we welcome your feedback and ideas.  Would love to hear from you and look forward to reading your posts and comments on the NetSquared Community Blog!