Vote in the DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards

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2011 DoGooder Video Awards

The 5th Annual DoGooder Video Awards are off to a record start with over 1,350 videos from over 800 organizations - that's a lot of tear-inducing, action-starting, video storytelling! Now comes the hard part: voting. Along with the other partners, See3 Communications and YouTube are hoping that you can vote now and vote often to help select the winners!

How to Vote

Public voting is open on  until Monday, March 14th at

  • Log into your YouTube account.
  • Visit the contest website here.
  • Vote "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" on each video by the end of March 14th.
  • Tune in to YouTube on March 19th to see the 4 winners' videos on the YouTube homepage!

And a couple rules: You must be logged into your YouTube account for votes to be registered; Vote as must as you like, but only one vote, per person, per video, per day will be counted; Winners are identified by the highest number of green thumbs minus red thumbs.

See3 and YouTube will announce the winners live at the NTC and the YouTube homepage on March 19th.

Why Vote

What? You need more reason to get involved beyond the obvious two (procrastinating on the end-of-week reports, and getting inspired in one0minute bursts)? Well, fine. Your votes will make the final cut for which organizations win a whole lot of prizes, including: four $2500 grants from Case Foundation, video cameras from Flip Video, a free registration to next year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference provided by NTEN, plus all the oooing-and-awwwing from all of us in the crowd at the NTC when the winners are announced!

Plus, watching these submissions and voting on your favorites may just inspire you to go make next year's winning video!

For full contest details, visit: