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Apply to volunteer in Kenya with Village ECO volunteers Kenya, as a teaching volunteer you do not need any previous experience but you will need to be aged 17 and over by the start date. Volunteering Solutions can provide you information and arrange a placement for you in Kenya, most projects are in rural communities which need assistance.

You will be working and living in local communities and the people will welcome you with open arms and in the schools you will be helping local staff in lessons like English. maths, geography, art, music and sport. Kenya is an up and coming travel destination and you can expect a warm climate, great beaches and very friendly people. You might be volunteering in different locations in Kenya , sometimes you might be helping students with their conversational English, working with individuals or groups. If you have any previous knowledge, experience or ideas these will be welcomed, students in Kenya are very eager to learn and will be open to new learning methods.

Sometimes you will be working in classrooms where there are chalkboards, pencils and paper or other times you might be outside and you'll have to improvise. Teaching conditions might be based compared to what you are used to but placements are a lot of fun and a challenge you will relish. Sometimes you might be working around 5 hours per day during the week and then you'll have weekends free.

Apply today to volunteer and teach in Kenya with Volunteering Solutions. Departure dates are all year round and for more information please get in touch.
Starting from USD200 / GBP125
face book:www.villageECOvolunteers.

write to us:muunganodg@yahoo.com
+254 729049433