Questions and Answers About New Orleans Voices For Peace

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Q : What is the New Orleans Voices For Peace Project?

A: Providing the tools, technologies and training for communication.

Q: For Who?

A: Communities effected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Q: What are the tools, technolgies and training you will provide these communities?

A: We will visit any community or non profit organization that wants to provide free internet access and other digital media communication tools.

We will demostrate these technologies and work with community organzations who are providing disaster related aid to their communities.

Our Short Term Goals:
To assist in requesting and filling donations of building materials, fuel, tools, labor, heavy equipment, shipping, wharehousing and distribution.

Long Tern Goals:
Providing training in Point-to-Point digital communications and production of multimedia presentatons for Community Access Tevelivision, Internet Webcasts, Telleconferencing.

Provide archives of projects & documents, updated events calendars, image galleries, that demostrate direct funding of projects and filling of donations from donor to receaver and mission!

Provide the communities and the people who deliver services equal representation within the group. Every member of Voices For Peace has the ability to use the website and other Voices For Peace services. They will use it to report on what they are doing. And to be critical of what we are doing collectively as Voices For Peace, and as members of the world society.

Provide communities the ability to find peace and justice with their own voices.

Join New Orleans Voices For Peace

Contribiute to this valued program by sending a check to:

Voices For Peace in care of:

Plenty International
PO Box 394
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(931) 964-4323 or 964-4864