VIDEO: Discussion of the Net Neutrality implications of May FCC Ruling

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On Saturday June 14 NetSquared Northern Michigan invited the NetSquared and OpenMedia community to join other interested parties to learn how to submit comment on what the recent FCC proposed Rule, and a potential loss of net neutrality, would mean to you.

Recently the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) came out with a new ruling on who will control and prosper from the Internet — and who will not. It’s part of the greater net neutrality debate and will impact nonprofits, education providers and potentially everyone who uses the internet for both commercial and public purposes.

TechSoup staff recently covered this issue from its many aspects, both good and bad at:

The FCC ruling opened a four-month public comment period, after which it will take a final vote on net neutrality. Anyone is invited to email comments to or post them online under their ruling on Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet.

All comments are publicly viewable here.