Igniting Change: The Benefits of Joining the Global Leadership Council

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Last week we announced the Global Leadership Council, a group of global leaders that will work together to explore creative ways of addressing challenges in the NetSquared Local network.

Members will be committing to sharing their experiences and expertise in ways that help to foster programing, events, and growth associated with the NetSquared Local groups. The Council will also be helping to identify current capabilities of Local groups, what works and where there are hurdles, to improve support, program design, and other desired capabilities of the Local groups and community.

How will these goals be achieved? By harnessing the innovative power of Council members, that’s how!

This innovation needs to be supported and that’s our commitment to the Global Leadership Council. The NetSquared team is committed to ensuring that members have the support and resources they need to easily participate, enhance their Local group, and excel within the local and global social tech community.

Council members will have the chance for exclusive participation in the NetSquared community:

  • We’ll feature you on the Net2 Blog
  • We’ll give you access to Net2’s new next generation online platform
  • We'll publish your brightest ideas for offering new programs and services to the Net2 community

Council members will have the opportunity to enhance their own knowledge and skills:

  • We’ll connect you with mentoring opportunities within Net2 Local Organizer Network
  • We’ll send you NetSquared packages with our favorite books and resources
  • We’ll connect you with one-on-one software and technology leaders

Council members will be looked to as champions of the NetSquared community:

  •  We’ll look to your expertise as you chartering the first NetSquared Global Leadership Council
  • We’ll support you as you work with the council to shape the future of NetSquared
  • We’ll work together to help to improve and support another Local organizer

Next steps? Get involved and apply. If you’re a NetSquared Local organizer interested in applying for the Global Leadership Council do so now by completing the application form. The application deadline is Tuesday, November 22, 2011. If you have any additional questions please contact Vanessa Rhinesmith.