Global Leadership Council Heads to San Francisco: Get Involved and Help Us Refresh Net2

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We are excited to announce that the members of the Global Leadership Council are headed to San Francisco to take part in some exciting programming at TechSoup Global headquarters next week!

As mentioned in our previous posts, Global Leadership Council members will share their experiences and expertise in ways that help to foster programing, events, and growth associated with the NetSquared Local groups.

The San Francisco programing will offer our inaugural group of GLC members the opportunity to further their own personal learning while providing NetSquared and its organizers significant networking and influencing opportunities to benefit the NetSquared community at-large. The gathering will include all members of the Net2 HQ remote team and nine Net2 Local volunteer organizers from regions all around the world.

What is the San Francisco GLC Program?

The GLC members have a wealth of knowledge about the impact of NetSquared activities in cities all over the world. Bringing them to San Francisco provides an opportunity to share that expertise with the NetSquared HQ team members and representatives throughout the TechSoup Global enterprise in a way that inspires us to create programming that optimally meets the community’s wants and needs. They will also be attending and participating in the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) April 3rd - 5th.

GLC members:

Learn more about the Global Leadership Council members here.

Share your questions to shape the future of NetSquared!

We need your help to ensure that we are problem solving around issues that are important to you. What would you like to know about the GLC members, the San Francisco GLC Program, or NetSquared? What can we do to improve NetSquared’s to value to you?

We want to hear from you during the San Francisco program as we discuss how to improve NetSquared programming and the greater network. If you were in the room, what would ask this group of NetSquared leaders? What would you want them to consider?

How to get your questions answered:

  • Follow and participate in the conversation on Twitter via the #Net2GLC hashtag
  • Tell us what’s on your mind regarding NetSquared by sharing questions that you want the GLC to consider during the summit. All questions must be received by noon PST on Wednesday March 28th in order to be included. We’ll curate all of the questions and answer as many as we can.
  • Participate in the live conversation via tweetchat: on Friday March 30th from 2:30-4:30pm PST

The Net2 HQ team put a few questions to the GLC to get things started. We hope you’ll add your own to the conversation!