Using Internal Media at NetSquared

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The June Net2 Think Tank focuses on social media use internally at organizations: Online tools are transforming the way we communicate with team members down the hall or across an ocean, but which tools are available and how can we use them to enhance our work? At NetSquared, we use a lot of social media tools in our work with the community, publicly, as well as just with our team, privately. But as a community-driven organization where our programs and content are driven or even created by the community, it doesn't seem fair to talk about the tools we use just inside the team, as the conversations with the community are just as important.  So, to answer the Think Tank question, I'll add in a few notes about the public tools as well, just for the record.

Internal Tools:

We are a distributed team, so there are three core tools that we use every single day in order to work with each other: Google docs, various wiki platforms, and basecamp.  Docs are used for drafts and working on content at the same time.  We move to a wiki or other privately shared site for projects with collaborators outside of the team, that way we can have a private yet shared place to collaborate.  Basecamp, at least for our team, is reserved for project management within the team but across projects - we are a small team so it helps us check in about what's going on and what needs to be done without having to call or email each other.

We also use delicious to save bookmarks, share bookmarks, and even curate content for the site.  All of us like to know the kinds of things the rest of us are reading, and a public bookmark tool like delicious makes it really easy to do.  We can also save interesting or important things for each other without adding to the email clutter.  Blog posts like the Net2 Recommends are curated through delicious, by team members saving things they come across during the month with a shared tag.

Lastly, even though we are sharing documents and work spaces, we need to be able to talk in real time. Across time zones, the tools we use most are skype and gchat - because they are both free and we can easily jump in and out of conversations.

External Tools:

To share thoughts, updates, and engage with the community, we use the NetSquared Community blog, Twitter, facebook and LinkedIn.  Obviously the conversations, the members, and the functionality is different across all those platforms, and the NetSquared Community blog is the main place we go, but they all play an important part in reaching the community where they want to engage.

We also use Google Groups for specific segments of the community, like Net2 Local organizers.

What's Next:

NetSquared is part of the TechSoup Global team at large and we are working to stay in better communication as a whole family by using Yammer. Like any new tool, it's an experiement - but so far it's going well!

Looking forward to what others contribute to this month's topic!