Updates to TechSoup.org

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The TechSoup team are hard at work continuing to add updates, new functionality, and usability to techsoup.org - here's a message from co-CEO Marnie Webb with more details:

At TechSoup Global we’ve been working hard on a new round of improvements to the TechSoup.org website.

I’m excited to update you on our progress and hear your feedback. A little over a year ago, we unveiled the first phase in a series of improvements to the site, including a new homepage design and enhanced search functionality. Those visible changes to the site also represented significant improvement to our back end systems — both hardware and software.

On September 13, we will be unveiling more changes to our site – most notably, the donation request process has been updated. We listened to your feedback and made improvements that will be helpful to as you log-in to your TechSoup account and browse and request the donated and discounted products made availability to you from our corporate partners.

Of course, once we launch, the work’s not done. We’ll be watching, listening, and taking your suggestions as we continue to make improvement.

We’ll also start Phase 3 which will improve our registration process and implement a site-wide navigation, taxonomy, and design. We plan to complete Phase 3 in June of 2011. As you know, we’re a nonprofit, and we’re thrilled to have these critical improvements made possible with support from Microsoft and the Hearst Foundation.

This has been a lot of work and we’re proud of what’s happened in the offices here in San Francisco. But the real reward will be in how the site better meets your needs. So please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback in the Upcoming Changes to TechSoup forum discussion.

Learn more, share your feedback, and more: Visit the TechSoup Forum to join the conversation!