Update on the Ushahidi BRCK Project

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Several days ago I posted on the new Ushahidi BRCK (pronounced “brick.”) that deals with problem of frequent Internet and electricity outages in the developing world. BRCK is a wi-fi router and mobile modem in one. It has eight hours of battery life to keep it going when the power runs out. Find the original Netsquared post here.

What I failed to mention was that there is an active Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign happening to get this project off the ground. I’m wondering if some of us can help get this thing over the finish line by sending out some social media alerts on Twitter and Facebook. The project needs $125,000 to be successful. It’s now at $105,000 with 14 days to go. The minimum pledge is just $1.  Very doable I’d say.

If you can tweet this out to your network a couple times, I’ll just bet the Netsquared community can once again do something great for Ushahidi and the world.