Upcoming Do-gooder Tech Events: Find a few, Share a few

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Recently, Mashable posted a list of upcoming social media and technology events, which got me thinking about the must-attend events for techie do-gooders! I did a bit of research and here are a few that caught my eye:

  • Lights. Camera. Help. The Nonprofit Film Festival 2010
    July 29 - 31 in Austin, TX, USA
    The world's first film festival exclusively for cause-diven film. Join the nonprofit, filmmaker and grassroots communities from across the nation as we get together to celebrate this unique and important artform.
  • NetSquared Camps 
    August 14 in Vancouver, Canada 
    September 12 in Chicago, IL USA
    We couldn't leave NetSquared Camps off the list! NetSquared Camps provide a local entry-point for entrepreneurial nonprofits/NGOs, developers and designers to demonstrate projects, build stuff together and forge meaningful collaborations.
  • Social Media 4 Responders 
    September 13-14 in Charlotte, NC, USA
    Social Media for Responders is specifically designed for first responders. Law enforcement; fire service, emergency management, public health, disaster & crisis aid, emergency medical services, public utilities, are invited to come network and learn about innovations in the industry.
  • Women Who Tech 
    September 15 - Everywhere
    Women Who Tech brings together talented and renowned women breaking new ground in technology who use their tech savvy skills to transform the world and inspire change. This tele-summit is available to anyone, anywhere who has access to a telephone and computer.
  • Social Media for Defense and Government 
    October 18–20 in Washington, D.C, USA
    Social Media for Defense and Government 2010 is a unique forum on the embracement, implementation and utilization of new media platforms that meet the Government’s goals of transparency that allow for more efficient internal and external communication.

Share your events!

These are just a few of the many events that are going on all summer and fall long. Are you planning, attending, or speaking at an event that helps people to use technology for good? Share the info in the comments section below!