Catchafire Launches Virtual Pro Bono

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Catchafire is an organization based in New York that connects skilled professionals with pro bono volunteering opportunities. This month Catchafire is growing beyond New York by launching virtual pro bono, an online service open to professionals and social change organizations nationwide.

Catchafire’s purpose is to allow skilled professional to “give what [they’re] good at” to nonprofits and social enterprises. Organizations that are interested in benefiting from the pro bono work pay an annual membership fee to be part of Catchafire’s network and to receive the guidance of a Catchafire Community Manager. Professionals who wish to volunteer their services can join the network for free and start working on one of Catchafire’s projects. Social benefit organizations can read more about how the program works on this page.

The virtual pro bono system will allow professionals from anywhere in the United States to help out Catchafire organizations, including organizations working in education, human rights, microfinance and beyond. This helps organizations by broadening the pool of talent that can apply to their projects, increasing the types of projects that they can post and bringing attention to the organization’s work. “The move to virtual pro bono is possible now that we can provide our organizations and professionals with just as good an experience virtually as we can in person,” says Catchafire CEO Rachael Chong. More information on virtual pro bono can be found on the Pro Bono Best Practices page of their site.