Top 10 Cities in Need of a NetSquared #Tech4Good Group

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Meetup has identified the top ten potential cities for NetSquared based on our member’s topic interest and city size. Do you know anyone in these cities who would be interested in starting a NetSquared group?
Please send your leads to

  1. New York City: 22k Members (has an active NTEN group)
  2. San Diego: 7k Members (talking to a potential lead this week)
  3. Bangalore: 6k Members
  4. Denver: 6k Members (has active NTEN group)
  5. Dallas: 5k Members
  6. Charlotte: 5k Members (talking to a potential lead last week)
  7. Phoenix: 4k Members
  8. San Antonio: 4k Members
  9. Miami: 4k Members
  10. Dubai: 4k Members