Tips for Recording Your Events

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We often get emails from people asking us if we are going to record our event. We finally did an experiment at the last event on Email Best Practices. Here are some tips and lessons learned.

1. ReadyTalk

Eli gave us access to use TechSoup's ReadyTalk account to record the event.  ReadyTalk allows you to record the screen, and audio. 

When you schedule the webinar in ReadyTalk, you can upload the logo, add a description, create questions for registrants and more. You can take the registration link and share it on email lists.

I have used lots of webinar tools and participated in a lot of webinars. My personal favorite is Adobe Connect where you can see the presenters and the powerpoint. 

2. Recording the event

Initially, I thought I could record the event using my mobile phone, but later learned that the version of ReadyTalk we are using doesn't have this feature.

We used one laptop to record the event and another laptop to project the powerpoints. The laptop recording the event has an external microphone attached to it. The presenters stand near this external microphone. They also use a a microphone to project their voice for participants in the room.

3. Juggling In Person & Online Participants

We did introductions and ice breaker in the room. We asked the online participants to introduce themselves and share questions for the presenters.

We had to adjust the time to make sure online participants joined when we were finished with the introductions in the room, and we were ready to start with the presentations.

You need one person managing the conversation in the room and another person to manage the online participants.

4. After the Event

After the event, you can allow people to watch the event and download the mp4 file that you can upload to the Youtube channel.

Let me know if you have any questions. Check out our event recording on the NetSquared Youtube channel.