TechSoup Taiwan and Greenpeace Talk Email Marketing at Net Tuesday Event

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This post was originally published on TechSoup and is written by Ginny Mies.

Email iconTechSoup Taiwan invited Ingrid Lin, the Network Marketing Officer for Greenpeace, to speak at a Net Tuesday event about e-mail marketing. Lin discussed how Greenpeace uses a method called A/B testing to maximize their newsletters. A/B Testing is a simple marketing method to test changes to a webpage or newsletter against its current design and content.  

Lin shared a site called Which Test Won, a repository of testing results across different types of media like newsletters, ad banners, landing pages, and so on. The results provide insight into how pictures, colors, captions, and so on can affect user clicks. This is vital knowledge for sharing fundraising campaigns, petitions, or events.

Greenpeace is currently focused on fundraising so A/B testing is crucial to their success. Lin said that the organization uses the method to test email subject lines. The subscribers are divided into two groups (of about 200-300 people. After the two different newsletter versions go out,  the marketing team analyzes the results.  

Lin provided a few other email tips:

  • Email is opened within the hour it is sent, therefore make sure to send it at a time that can increase its open rate
  • Avoid sending too many emails as it can cause subscriber fatigue
  • Don't be afraid of trying out different images or designs, but use A/B testing to see if the changes are effective
  • Make a mobile-friendly version of the newsletter 
  • At the end of the year, clear your database of inactive subscribers in order to get the most accurate hit-rate statistics

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Ginny Mies is a Content Curator at TechSoup Global.