@Tech4goodLV: The Legal Side of Nonprofit Technology

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Recorded by Tech4Good Las Vegas and hosted by Dr. Victoria Boyd.

Presenter: Erin McClarty, Esq. Houston TX

Now more than ever organizations are tapping into the power and accessibility of technology. While this is important, the true value add will come in understanding and helping to contain risks.

This session will walk you through different aspects of nonprofit technology and touch on different legal topics, hurdles, or pitfalls organizations should be aware of for each. The goal here isn’t to learn every regulation, but to cover just enough for you to think critically and better foresee concerns with your projects.

We’ll interact by working through a few day-to-day questions you have and issue spotting on a hypothetical tech project.

Topics we’ll cover are things organizations might think about when:

  • Developing fundraising platforms
  • Creating blog platforms
  • Creating websites
  • Compiling and collecting data
  • Implementing payment and donation processing
  • Rolling out newsletters and communication systems
  • Tendering and hiring technology service

Erin McClarty is a Houston attorney and describes herself as a social impact architect and that is exactly what she does. Today she provides valuable advice on your legal responsibilities and safeguards related to any virtual elements of your entity - nonprofit or for-profit.