TechSoup Online Event going on NOW on Digital Storytelling: Using Technology to Create and Share Powerful Stories

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This discussion is going on NOW today and tomorrow only at
(note: This online event is over. This is a link to the TechSoup emerging technology discussion forums.)

It's a fascinating topic, so I hope to see you there! Don't be shy, drop by the forum and ask any question you may have about the topic of Digital Storytelling.

See you there!


Digital Storytelling: Using Technology to Create and Share Powerful Stories

What digital storytelling is, and how you can use it tell your nonprofit's story March 28-29, TechSoup's Community forums at

FREE; No registration required

Have a story you want to tell? Digital stories are being used by nonprofits, schools, and political activists to share experiences, voice concerns, and rally support for causes. In this two-day online event, you'll learn how to create a story and where you can share it with others.

Topics will include:

* An introduction to digital storytelling.
* The importance of storytelling: Individual narratives in marketing, communication, education, and advocacy.
* Literacy and technology: How digital storytelling helps foster digital literacy, media literacy, and the democratic nature of the Web.
* The role of video in digital storytelling.
* Technical specs for digital storytelling: What it takes to run a digital storytelling program, from hardware to software.
* Key components of a digital story.
* Tools you can use to tell your story on a budget, including high-tech versus low-tech storytelling.
* How to publish your digital stories: What to do with those stories once they're made, from posting them on Web sites to hosting public screenings.

Event details:

This asynchronous (not live) event will take place in TechSoup's Digital Divide Forum March 28 and 29. Topics will be discussed via forums posts and will not include a vocal component. If you are interested in participating in our Digital Storytelling event, please just jump in and join the discussion - no registration is required. Each event topic will be discussed in a separate message-board thread.

Hosted by Daniel Weinshenker and Andrea Spagat of the Center for Digital Storytelling (, a nonprofit training, project development, and research organization dedicated to assisting people in using digital media to tell meaningful stories from their lives.