Summer of Transformation: @NetSquared @SocialActions @ChangeCamp @Nabuur & NTEN Invite Your Feedback!

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People of the Butterflies by Arto Teräs

Some of the most exciting conversations happening this summer are the discussions happening among organizations that are preparing to take their work, projects, and events to the next level. What's really admirable is that across my favorite organizations - teams are having these discussions out loud and inviting feedback from you - the community!

This seems to be a slow summer - although I think under-the-surface it's more of a transformative one. Check out some examples to see what I mean - and then Join the Conversations!

As readers of the Net2 Blog are likely aware, NetSquared is at the beginning stages of a platform re-design!

"We are working on a redesign of the NetSquared platform. With feedback from the Community and even from ourselves, we have put together a big list of wishes and needs. After some great redesign mockups, we are ready to invite the Community back into the conversation to help us continue the process."   ( - NetSquared Blog)

Learn more about the redesign here & Follow the Net2Redesign tag to check out all of the posts in this series & share your feedback for the new


Holly (@ntenhross) & Anna (@annanten) and the NTEN team recently invited the community to help plan the next big Nonprofit Technology Conference (10NTC) going down in Atlanta, GA USA April 8-10th 2010.

"...We don't even have a conference logo yet, but it's time to start planning -- and of course, we want your help...Maybe you're an NTC veteran. Maybe you're a newbie. Either way, your insights will make the 2010 NTC that much better. We want to hear what you like and dislike, the topics you would like to see on the agenda, your social networking needs and wants, and the fun you hope to have!"   (- NTEN Blog)

The NTEN Team just facilitated the first Community Call and shared the highlights here. You can sign up here to join the NTEN crew for their next NTC Community Planning Call on August 8th.

NTEN is also undertaking a site overhaul - and sharing & involving the process with the community! The process began here (card sorting) and continues here (wireframe testing) - Follow the NTEN blog for more.

Social Actions

Peter Deitz, Christine Egger, and the SA team are inviting the community to help figure out the future of Social Actions!

"Over the next several weeks, I will be thinking out loud about the Future of Social Actions. Our initiative is approaching its two year anniversary at the end of August, and would benefit from some community participation in creating a long-term plan going forward. I hope this blog post, and others in the series, will serve as a spark for brainstorming where Social Actions should be headed, how to get there, and how best to make the operation fully sustainable."   (- My Social Actions Blog)

Part I & II of the series have been published - with more surely to come. You can participate in the the Future of Social Actions by following this thread.


Mark Kuznicki recently hosted an open call with the ChangeCamp community, inviting feedback and sharing a vision for the future. Check out the slides here & call notes here.

"This vision is speculative, blue-sky and from my own point of view. I am sharing it to begin a deeper discussion and to begin designing the kernel of ChangeCamp..." ( Blog)

"This is a point of departure for our conversation, not an end. I am interested in critiques on this thinking and possible alternatives for us to consider. At the end of the day, without a community of passionate interest and action behind a well thought out kernel, it will go nowhere. So please join in the discussion and lets see what we can do together...." (- ChangeCamp Google Group)

You can join the ChangeCamp Discussion on the Change Camp Google Group.

Nabuur is also rocking out with a site re-design to help their community better connect, share, and collaborate:

"The Development Team would like to hear your experiences and wishes on the new site.We are dulled by routine and don't see things from the user perspective anymore, so please be invited and share with us what is needed now." (- Nabuur Website Development Group)

Join the Nabuur Website Redesign Conversation here.

***Bravo to all your amazing leaders and facilitators thinking out loud and inviting us to join & co-create the future with you!! ***

 What other projects are being developed openly & with the community? Please share in the comments!