Summer with LA Tech4Good

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Hi to all our Tech4Good members!

Here's what's on our summer calendar – we're looking forward to seeing you soon!

LGBTQ & Tech! How do you use it? Can tech bring us together?
Next Wed, June 12
Look at these amazing speakers! Read more and rsvp here:

Jack Lorenz: Director of Development & Communications at Alliance for Housing and Healing
Alfreda Lanoix: Motivational speaker & local NPO COO.
Natacha Gaymer-Jones:  Sr. Vice President at  BrightHaus Projects

I want to borrow a few words from the ACLU's People Power to share why I think this event is relevant to our whole membership. I'm sure it will be an important evening as we chat about tech & social change and how the LBGTQ community plays a role in advancing that connection.

Now is the time to show up for the LGBT community who [is] facing intensified attacks in our current political landscape. Your participation in solidarity with our loved ones and allies can make an incredible difference. We cannot rest until all those who are threatened and targeted by hostile rhetoric, discriminatory policies, and violence feel safe to live in our country.

July 12 is a Summer Social
We'll book an outdoor patio for one of our divine LA summer evenings!

Web Accessibility: Designing Inclusive User Experiences
Software engineer Malina Tran from 8th Light will be presenting August 9

Don’t miss this one!

We’ll see you soon!

Karen, Anne-Marie, Michelle