#Storymakers2016 with @SFTech4Good: Stories of Tomorrow

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What will stories look like in the future? How are youth creating stories today? What is different and new? What can we all learn about the stories of tomorrow?

Join the final hour on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 3pm PDT in our 3rd Annual “24-Hours Around the World” Twitter chat. We'll wrap up with this conversation, hosted by @SFTech4Good @techsoup4libs @Regina @kbierce and @lewisha talking about youth and stories of tomorrow. See you at #Storymakers2016 from 3 pm PDT – 4 pm PDT on Twitter.

We’ll be asking these questions:

• Let’s share examples of youth creating stories by any media necessary?
• What can we learn from youth’s embrace of new tools?
• What are the biggest obstacles for youth and storytelling?
• Where do libraries fit into the landscape for youth and media training?
• What more can schools, libraries and communities do to empower youth?

So stop by for the final hour, and remember there's the full line-up starting Tuesday night PDT and going through our final chat from 3:00 – 4:00 pm PDT! Join the conversation....