Storify Part 2

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NCTech4Good's July meeting, "Using Storify to Share Your Work," was followed in August with "Storify Part 2." 

My notes from the August meeting:
- The video of the July 16 meeting was good. People don't know about it. I should post info to the list. (Here's the post.)
- Change to hashtag: Use #NCT4G for monthly meetings and yrNCT4G for conferences starting with 15NCT4G.
- Storify Title is part of the URL but if you change the Title, the URL does not change.
- Lots of ideas for promoting conferences:
  o Post evaluation comments as Tweets (heard from 2014 conference).
  o Take small chunks of the Fish-bowl video (Part 1 and Part 2) and post with Tweets.
  o This was last year, don't miss this year.
  o Start writing posts and emails now and have them ready to go.
- To capture more content at conferences:
  o Encourage people to use the hash tag and to make posts public.
  o Have Twitter on a screen in the front of the room.
  o Start the conference with a workshop (during registration) and make sure people know how to post. Have them do some tweets and posts. Salt the   room with people who do it, as helpers. Social media buffet. Meet, eat, and tweet. 
  o Bring a friend.

- Perhaps have two Storifies next year, one for public and one historical.