Widgety thoughts... and the coming of the smart widget

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I admit it. I get excited about widgets.  I think they are beginning to show their potential as one of the most dynamic ingredients in the emerging Web 2.0 toolbox.

Widgets - or badges, gadgets, whichever you prefer - can prove a winner for not-for-profits. Two reasons. Actually, there are probably many more, but two is a good start:

  • You move beyond the single website model and turn the entire web into a distribution system for your content / stories
  • Smart widgets will (hopefully soon) allow you to report back on how you are making a difference

Over on nfp 2.0 I've written a long (to long?) piece about 18seconds.org, Justgiving, Carebadges, smart widgets, the potential of networks for extending the reach of your widget and for communicating success. Quite a lot really.

As always, comments and criticisms welcome! 

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