#SocMedSep - Lessons for the Future

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Social Media September saw one of our busiest months for events being run in our Net2 community. We had over 48 events around the globe, that included lots of great webinars, tweet chats, presenters, panels, how to's and Social Media Surgery focused programs.

Eli posted during Social Media September what #SocMedSep looked like. But we wanted to share feedback from Net2 Local organizers too, highlighting insights and lessons learned.

we had 271 tweets during the #SocMedSep tweet chat

The graphic above shows use of #socmedsep tag; we saw a peak of 271 tweets during the #SocMedSep tweet chat.

Beyond the numbers of those that participated in these events, below you will find some of the lessons learned.

Prep Your Speakers

Our Net2 Local organizer Birgit offered up some great advice on how she preps speakers. Bring them in to a Google Hangout or other group audio/video call beforehand. It is specially useful for panel presentation or groups, and not only helps keep the flow of email questions from presenters down, but gets everyone on the same page.

Location, Location, Location

The venue you are hosting your event at plays an important role in the flow and format. If you plan to have concurrent sessions or one-on-one help with social media surgeons, try to have separate cubicles or tables available and enough room for conversations to not overlap. Or, better yet, breakout or office rooms away from the main event area. Also, smaller group sizes are often better for workshop and hands-on-help events to work well.


A lot of the feedback we got pointed to the importance of documenting the events and amazing work our Net2 Local organizers do. Some of the lessons learned included documenting as you go. Blog while things are still fresh, or create a Tumblr, Flipboard, Pinterest, Scoop.it or other way to curate your events. You can add photos, videos, tweets, etc. as you go!

Cross Promote

Some of our organizers found it easier to tell the story of what they were doing by cross promoting with other nonprofit/tech groups or events such as Social Media Week. And thought the idea of coordinating activities across groups should be furthered in future Social Media September and other Net2 events. This applies to not only physical meetup events, but the #SocMedSep tweet chats could pair up with existing tweet chat communities like #CommBuild for example.

A great quote of wisdom on the value of NetSquared events from feedback by Judy and Paula at NCtech4good:

"Social transfer of knowledge is why we do Social Media September! We believe that face-to-face helps build a self-sufficient community of practice".

You can read more lessons learned and feedback from the notes on our #SocMedSep feedback sessions.