Social CodeCamp - Coding for Good Causes (Education, Health Care, Environment) for Mobile / Cloud Solutions

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Social CodeCamp Call to Action with Fiscal Sponsor, Inc.-Introduction to Social CodeCamp

*Invite people to view submit stories, enter contest and donate to local causes.
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Enter competition, add short films. Tell us your story here...also add your long movies to one of sponsor pages.

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It is my intent to introduce myself. My name is Kenneth Fax. I am the founder of Social CodeCamp. In collaboration with fiscal sponsor, Inc. I 'm raising awareness and $50,000 before the end of the year. The money will support projects for collaborative events for projects supporting education,community health care development and environmental solutions.

Social CodeCamp are a series of events to assemble, educate and share opportunities for talented persons as technologists, mobile developers, web developers, etc...
Help us tell others by supporting Coding For Good Causes.A few examples are mobile and cloud solutions for education,biotech, technology, health and data research. We have been testing the theory in small instances for effectiveness around the San Francisco Bay area.

There is much excitement, growing interest and recognition. A few themes for Social CodeCamp events are as follows, which you may have an interest.:- Fashion, Music and Tech for the Arts- Brazilians in Biotech- Latinos in Education, Lifestyle and Entertainment- Code For Education