Results of Huge Experiment

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Net2 called it a "huge experiment," and we took it in that spirit when we posted our ATSTAR program as a candidate - thanks for the opportunity to jump in with you! I am sharing results so far and would love to hear from others who posted projects.

ATSTAR is a program that Knowbility has operated under the radar of most of our community. Because the online teacher training modules were still in pilot form, we had not spread the word about it. One unexpected result of the effort to get out the vote was that our own community became more aware of the program, its purposes, results and needs for the future.

In addition to specific program awareness, we have found that we have increased understanding of the issue itself: that the right technology can really help kids with disabilities succeed in school.

Finally, the act of voting made many of our board and volunteers aware of other projects that seem like natural allies - we will be exploring collaborative possibilities as another unexpected result.

Several of our community members had accessibility problems that I will blog about when the voting closes. In the meantime, I'd love to hear if others with posted projects have had similar or other unexpected results?