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Hi all!

First, I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Now that Labor Day is over, it's time to start the 2018-19 year of events! The first will be an event on workplace rights with a new partner, Blind. Check it out and register below.

Let's thank Katharine for being a great co-organizer! Her hard work, great ideas, and contributions have made SFTech4Good an even better community. We'll miss you!

Right now, I'm set with SFTech4Good events through the next month or two and, hopefully, through the end of the year. However, if you're interested in possibly helping to organize, please follow Katharine's instructions from the message she sent out earlier today and send a 1-page proposal of 3 events you want to help produce.

Also, please spread the word about the SFTech4Good newsletter and Meetup page! People can sign up for the newsletter here and join the Meetup here.

Wishing you an incredible week!



Regina Walton

SFTech4Good Event Producer

P.S. Need events or community help? I’m available for opportunities.


SFTech4Good September Event

September 26: Know Your Workplace Rights 
SFTech4Good is pairing up with team Blind for an open discussion on your legal rights when it comes to the workplace. We’ll look at ways to address workplace issues and better understand legal parameters when it comes to sharing openly about work-related conversations. Topics will include gender discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, equal pay, and others. Come prepared with your biggest questions to ask our panelists and leave with with innovative resources and a better understanding of your legal rights at work.

Blind is an anonymous community app. They're on a mission to bring transparency to the workplace. Their app allows employees to have unfiltered conversations with coworkers and with others in the same industry. By bringing anonymity to the workplace, employees can safely ask questions and share challenges they are facing at work that they otherwise would not feel comfortable sharing.

Other Stuff

September 25: Innovations at the Intersection of Education & Workforce Development

Join the Social Enterprise Alliance / San Francisco Bay Area and  the Bay Area College Success Network (CSN) at Zendesk for a thought-provoking panel of speakers, reciprocity circles, and networking.

Mentoring from Breaking Into Startups
Are you looking for software engineering mentorship? Several people have reached out directly to the team behind the Breaking Into Startups podcast recently, and they are committing to have one of their co-hosts, Rubén A. Harris, personally speak with anyone that is struggling on their journey to start learning how to code. Please fill out this form here, and he will follow-up.


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