@sftech4good October 28: We The People Recall

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It's October, and we're coming to the end of 2020 fast! For me, 2020 won't end soon enough. However, in the meantime, onward!

Feel free to forward this message to anyone that you think might be interested in joining this community. I'm always thankful for the word of mouth. This is the link to sign up for the newsletter, andthis is the link to get event info and sign up.

If you want to help SFTech4Good by volunteering and sponsoring, please send a message to san-francisco@netsquared.org. I'm in planning mode for some events that start happening next month. When I roll those out, I'll ask for help.

Regina Walton

SFTech4Good, Director

SFTech4Good Events for October 2020

We The People Recall - Going Beyond the Election Cycle to Hold Officials Accountable to Racial Justice
Wednesday, October 28th (That's tonight!)

Our election cycle is designed to hold officials accountable for the meaningful incremental progress that policy change requires.

But what about when the racism of our elected officials is causing a crisis in Black death? What about when the egregious actions of a lone individual are holding a whole community hostage to pain and oppression?

That's where Recalls come in.

The right of an electorate to "fire" their officials for poor behavior as it occurs and when public attention on the issue is strongest. But the Recall process is purposefully difficult and rarely successful.

We The People Recall is a new organization seeking to change that. And they need our help!

In this 50 minute event, they'll share what they've accomplished so far, get the community's feedback on where they go next, and help support a new wave of accountability for our elected officials.

The Plan:

  • Share the story of We The People - Why this, why now, what have they accomplished to date, what comes next
  • Highlight a successful case study in recall - their call to action is to create thousands more of these
  • Breakouts to connect and discuss
  • Q&A (Insights, Questions & Answers)
  • Call to Action

RSVP on Zoom here and you can review the event page on Meetup here.

Note: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. For the sake of security, you'll have to be logged in to Zoom to access the call.

Strava Metro Event Recording

This event happened last month on September 30th. Thanks again to the Strava Metro team! You can get info on the event here and access the video here. Note that you can view the Strava Metro team's slide via the video, and you can find the SFTech4Good slides here.


Other Events

TechSoup's TechTips Digest
November 11th

Join TechSoup's MiniConference, TechTipsDigest, for 20-minute sessions about tactics for creating more content, tips for crowdfunding campaigns, productivity tools for nonprofits, and more.

RSVP here: https://hubs.ly/H0yC2-R0

You can find more upcoming TechSoup events here.

Young Farmers and Cooks Conference 2020
December 8th - 10th

Inspiring a generation of culinary and agricultural producers as they transform the future of food.

RSVP here.

Opportunity! Apply and Share!

Applications Open: CS Research Mentorship Program
Google has opened applications for the CS Research Mentorship Program. This is a mentorship program that matches students in the US and Canada from underrepresented groups with peers and a Google mentor to support their pursuit of computing research pathways.

Go here for more info and to apply.

Applications close November 18, 2020, at 11:59:59 pm AoE (UTC-12).

Please contact CSRMP@google.com with questions.

That's it! Short and sweet this month!

As always, thanks to TechSoup for their support of SFTech4Good and the NetSquared community at large.

TechSoup's mission is to build a dynamic bridge that enables civil society organizations and social change agents around the world to gain effective access to the resources they need to design and implement technology solutions for a more equitable planet.

Please head over to their website to learn more about how they help libraries and non-profits with hardware, software, and training. This is especially important now in this trying time.

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Hopefully, I'll see a few of you virtually during this Wednesday's event!

Stay safe out there!


SFTech4Good Director

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