#SFTech4Good January 23 - Samasource, AI, and Data at Cloudflare

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Happy New Year! (It's not too late to say that I hope!)

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SFTech4Good Event

January 23: Avoiding Bias, Ethical Data Sourcing, & Building an Impactful Tech Career

Join us to kick off the first SFTech4Good event of 2020 at Cloudflare!

Audrey Boguchwal has been a senior product manager at Samasource for 5 years, working at the intersection of artificial intelligence, human behavior, and ethics. She'll walk us through how Samasource delivers high quality, human-powered training data, and validation for the world's leading AI technologies.

She works on SamaHub, Samasource’s SaaS platform used to manage the entire annotation lifecycle. The platform links tech customers to Samasouce’s workforce in East Africa. The training data work, paired with soft-skills training, helps Samasource team members launch long-term careers that enable them to move out of poverty.

Audrey will give an overview of Samasource’s AI business, SamaHub technology, and social impact model. She will present a case study on one of Samasource’s customers and talk about some current hot topics in AI: avoiding bias and ethical data sourcing. She will close with advice on how to build a technology career with an impact.

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm PT at Cloudflare

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Other Events

January 21: Volunteer With Startups Give Back
Next week join Startups Give Back's volunteering event at the SF-Marin Food Bank on Tuesday, January 21st from 3-5pm.

The Food Bank is an incredible nonporift to volunteer at.

For this event, a group of volunteers will help sort and box food that will immediately go out to people in need in the San Francisco community. So, your efforts will have an instant impact! 

If you can get away from the office for a few hours, head to the link to sign you and your colleagues up! 

May 19 - 21 (Chicago, IL): Good Tech Fest
This is a conference about technology but what brings us all together is our passion for creating change. It’s a place for the data nerds, technologists, leaders, doers, and analysts; people who are passionate about social change and are using technology to achieve it. It is a celebration of the ways data, technology, and design can come together to solve social problems.


San Francisco Digital Services is hiring a Senior Web Engineer for the DAHLIA Affordable Housing project. It is an open-source application that allows residents to learn about and apply for affordable housing opportunities in one place.

Social Impact World
Social Impact World is a members-only community built for social impact professionals who have dedicated their careers to turning the corporate world into a force for good.
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