September 2010 Community Builder Chat: How to Participate

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The monthly Community Builder chat series is part of the #4Change community of regularly scheduled chats, bringing together people from around the world to talk about examples, practices, tips and more as we all explore the way technology can be used for social change.  This is the second in what will be a monthly series of chats specifically focused on Community Building.



Thanks to the rich conversation in last month's chat, we have our main questions selected already. But, you can still add thoughts ahead of time, or share more questions that we may get to or save for another upcoming chat. This time we will be addressing:

  • Migrating a community from one platform to another
  • Building a loop between online and offline community activities

Share your ideas ahead of time in the comments below, or on twitter using #4change and/or #commbuild - have an idea for a better hashtag for this chat? Please leave a comment with your idea!

Did you miss last month's chat? That's okay - you can still see the full transcript here!

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